Here One Wireless Earbuds

Is there a setup video available?


If you follow the direct link,  you can access Time Index links inside the description

Table of Contents:
0:11 Unboxing
1:56 Initial Setup
3:40 Android Setup (Method 1,  No Application Install)
4:23 Android Setup (Method 2, With Application Install)
6:33 iOS Setup (Method 1, No App)
7:09 iOS Setup (Method 2, With Application Install)
8:38 Android General Troubleshooting
11:01 iOS General Troubleshooting


What kind of Warranty is provided for the ear buds?

There is no manufactures warranty available for the earbuds,  but we are offering a full 90 day exchange warranty ( 30 day money back guarantee)  Contact us at 209-599-9989, or Contact Us with your order number using our websites built in e-mail system

How do I setup my earbuds?

I'd recomend you watch our setup video, and pay close attention to the time table in which applies to you -- Otherwise

You want to open the earbuds and remove the plastic film that is covering the charging contacts.  Place them back into the charging case and close it.  Charge the case with the provided micro-USB cable.  To activate pairing mode,  simply open the case when the earbuds have battery in them.

in Android

Swipe down from the top to expose the settings option.  Click the settings cogwheel from the top left.  Look for a Bluetooth / Connections option.  Ensure that Bluetooth is turned on.  Find the device that starts with H1Rxxxxxxx and H1Lxxxxxxxx.  Connect these devices by tapping on them once.  Wait about 15 seconds and pair the "Here one" device.  If this does not show up within 15 seconds,  try rescanning.

in iOS

Go to Settings and enable tap on "Bluetooth"  You will see one of three things in pairing.  an H1Rxxxxxx and an H1Lxxxxxx OR "Here One"  (most users will see "Here one")  If you see JUST "Here one"  Tap to pair it.  You are finished.  If you see H1Rxxxxx and H1Lxxxxx.  Tap both of them to pair them.  A "Here one" will appear shortly.  Ensure that is paired as well.

What does a rapid orange or rapid green blinking light mean on the case?

It means that the case does not have proper contact with one or more of the earbuds.  Remove the earbuds from the case and clean the contacts by either wiping them down with a alcohol cleaner, or canned air to remove any dust particles.  Place the earbuds back in the case and try again.

My device cannot pair with the ear buds

I suggest removing all traces of the application if you've installed it,  and clearing your bluetooth cache before continueing.  Hit the reset pinhole 5x times,  and make sure you've charged your earbuds.  Open your bluetooth settings and scan for devices.  Open the hear one ear buds and wait for an H1Rxxxx and H1Lxxxx to appear.  Pair both devices... wait about 15 seconds and click the rescan button.  Then,  pair HERE ONE.  You can also see the troubleshooting video we've created at sections TIME LINE 8:38

My buds do not charge!

Ensure you are using the USB cable that came with the package and that the USB wall charger you are using is working.  Open the ear buds and clean the contact points of the case and earbuds.

Do I need to install the Here One Application to pair?


Are there advantages in using the Application vrs not?

You can pair the earbuds without the application, but you won't be able to use the noise filters.

Why does the application want GPS permission?

The earbuds use a proprietary noise canceling filter that requires GPS location.  If you are not comfortable with an application having your GPS location,  you can disable that function in Android.  This may disable certain features in the application, or cause it to not work at all.

I can't figure out how to "unpair" the Here one earbuds.

If you are using the application,  you can unpair them by going into Settings,  My Earbuds,  Click on the "i" icon,  and find "unpair".  If you are not using the application,  you can remove the Bluetooth devices by going into Settings, Connections/Bluetooth, tapping on the "i" icon, OR tapping on the device, then click "unpair".

To ensure the device is also unsynced,  press the reset button on the back of the case while the earbuds are in them.  You will need a standard paperclip.  Press the reset button at least FIVE times.

I can't get "Here One" to show up on available devices

Try turning off bluetooth.  Then wait 30 seconds and turn it back on.  If this does not work.  Unpair the H1Rxxxx and H1Lxxxx devices.  Use a paperclip to hit the reset pinhole five times, and reset your device.  Try to pair the earbuds again

What can you use to hit the reset pinhole?

A non-coated paperclip.  You can also use a sewing needle,  but that may damage the button.

Are the earbuds waterproof?

They are sweat proof, but not water proof.  They are not rated to be submerged in water,  or be left on in the shower.

I tap on my earbuds and noise comes through.  What is this?

This is known as "bypass mode"  You can use this even if you do not have the application installed.  This allows you to engage the world around you while never having to remove the noise canceling ear buds.

Where can I find Official Support links?

This link will direct you off our website.  You can find the official FAQ here.

Where can I find guides on Here one Smart Wireless earbuds Noise filters?

This link will direct you off our website.  You can find official guides for noise filters here.