Cisco NCS 4000 Series Card - NCS4K-2H-W

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Product Overview


  • NCS 4000 Series
  • Operating Modes - The card can be configured in different operating modes. The card can be equipped with pluggables for client and trunk options, and offer a large variety of configurations.
  • Transponder - This mode is enabled by default. The card acts as a transponder in this mode. Each client is mapped to one of the two 100 Gigabit Ethernet NCS4k-2H-W interfaces providing up to thirty-two 100 Gigabit NCS4k-2H-W transponders. In transponder mode, the allowed port pairs are 0-2 and 1-3.
  • Regeneration - The two 100 Gigabit NCS4k-2H-W interfaces are connected back-to-back in the card to provide 3R regeneration of 100 Gigabit NCS4k-2H-W signals. In regeneration mode, an IP-over-NCS4k-W configuration can be enabled to support proactive protection messaging between IP-over-NCS4k-2H-W router interfaces. If failure occurs on one side of the regenerator, ODUk Alarm Indication Signal (ODUk-AIS) is generated and propagated on the other side, while on OTUk Backwards Defect Indicator (OTUk-BDI) is sent back on the same side as defined by the ITU G.709 standard. In Regeneration mode, the allowed port pair is 2-3.

Mfg. Part #: NCS4K-2H-W

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