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Internet of things,  convience or laziness?

Internet of things, convience or laziness?

Posted by Thomas Ducpham on Sep 13th 2017

The world is so internet-centric, it’s easy to forget a time when life didn’t have such luxurious commodities. Some argue that we’re so connected, that we’ve become disconnected as a society. So how much would be considered “too much”?

I'm sure you've heard of the term "IoT", or internet of things come up in current events– but if you haven’t, its literally everything you can think of connected to a private network that, for the most part, only you have access to.

I really need to emphasize “everything”…

Everything as in your air conditioner, your Roomba vacuum cleaner, the fans in your room, the lights in the hallway, your computers – you can even preheat your oven using the same technology!

It’s quite brilliant how they’ve managed to turn antiquated non-IoT devices into smart ones, not by reconstructing the inner-workings of house hold items— rather, by placing an outlet cover over a power source that is connected to Wi-Fi. So… no, your 19’ box fan won’t assimilate and look for John Conner anytime soon.

The concept is relatively simple. Think of it like a power strip that you would use to extend the number of outlets from a single source. Attach a Wi-Fi module on board that strip, program it to interact with a mobile application and that’s it! Some appliances call for more intricate control, like how hot or cold you want your HVAC system to be running, while others need a simple on/off switch.

In a way, you can say that the concept of Internet of Things has made us lazier. I don’t think so – I believe that it’s the natural path humanity needs to take toward advancing civilization. In a sense, be everywhere, without being everywhere.